Our Story

 I have always been a do-it-yourself sort of person. If something can be done at home I want to try it at least once. When a friend of mine suggested I would like making my own soap I thought, “Great, maybe I will save money and be able to pronounce all of the ingredients in my soap.” I eagerly began scouring the internet for recipes, tutorials and supplies.
My husband was not so easily convinced. He was a fan of a particular brand name soap and not going to give it up easily. He was sure homemade ‘lye soap’ would never work. It wouldn’t smell good, it would not leave him clean and he would not be clean by nightfall. But he knew I was not going to give it up until I’d tried and failed, so we made some soap. I wanted to keep it simple so I stuck with a basic castile soap, olive oil and lye solution.

Did I mention that Jonathan did have a reason to be attached to his soap. He is a sweaty guy and we had actually had quite a time finding a soap that would keep him fresh all day. He always took his showers in the morning because they just didn’t last a full twenty four hours. His suits had to be dry-cleaned every time he wore them because they would have dried salt rings on the legs from sweating. We had come to the conclusion that it was normal for some people to be a little sweatier than others.

In order to me convince me once and for all that homemade soap would never work he held off trying it until the night before he had a really sweaty day planned. He took his shower that night because he was sure that after twenty four hours my idea would not work.  Problem was the next night he smelled fine. He didn’t have to work the next day, so he skipped his shower. He had to get good and stinky. It took forty-eight hours for him to become a believer. He wasn’t a sweaty guy. He was just completely tearing up his skin with poorly made soap. The sweat and oils his skin produced were only his bodies attempt to protect itself from the barrage of chemicals. Within a few weeks he was no longer getting salt stains on his suits. 

So that is why we founded The Sudsy Soapery™ Natural Products. At The Sudsy Soapery we have no secrets, just wholesome, natural ingredients.  Our motto is  NATURAL. QUALITY. UNCOMPROMISED.   We strive to us only natural ingredients of the highest quality with service that is uncompromised doing all to the glory of God.    

We think everybody should have good soap, so we make it, use it and sell it. 

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